Diet time!

No, not a fad diet where I hope to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks by drinking nothing but lemon flavored sugar water… 

The last time I felt great was when I was on an anti-inflammatory diet.  I felt great, really great.  I had energy, 8 hours of sleep sufficed, I could work and stay awake past 9pm.  It was incredible! Then I got lazy and didn’t make it through the one month detox point and crashed and burned.  It was bad.  

This time will be different.  This time I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I am willing to try anything.  The last time I guess I just wasn’t there yet. I needed to be sick a little longer to really seal it in my head that ‘Hey, this sucks!’.  Well it’s sealed in and I am ready for change. 

My plan is to go back to ordering organic vegetables from SPUD.  Use this Grocery List (as a guideline) and scour the internet for fabulous recipes that I can share.  I really want to find some great slow cooker recipes.  ‘Tis the season for delightfully warm and savoury comfort foods like stews and soups! Yum!




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